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About me

I am Rowana Zwerts, physiotherapist by profession, who likes to offer help and support to people who want to be helped quickly. Because of the flexibility that is strived for at RZ Vitaal, this can be achieved.

Sometimes aches and pains or annoying injuries simply cannot wait until, for example, the next day or after the weekend; in that case you can come to RZ Vitaal!

RZ Vitaal was founded at the end of 2020 and actually started up at the beginning of 2021. Starting my own business and having my own practice has always been an ambition of mine. This eventually developed into a practice with various specializations as a result of, among other things, obtaining my BSc physiotherapist title. Additionally, I followed and obtained my minor in psychology.

Minor psychologie, why?

In its broadest form, psychology has meaning in the areas of acute pain, chronic pain and acceptance. Acceptance also comes into play with acute injuries. You must also (learn to) accept an injury before you can repair it. Acceptance is the first approach to recovery on a psychological level. In addition, an increase in resilience was a big aspect in the training.

Healthy body and healthy mind

An optimal physical and psychological state makes a person resilient and flexible, which ultimately leads to a happy, healthy old age.  

I distinguish myself and my practice by my athletic background along with my obtained titles in powerlifting and my profession as a physiotherapist. Distinction regarding:

  • Physiotherapeutic background
  • Dry Needling
  • (Sports) massage
  • Kinesiotaping (Medical Taping)
  • AED certificate
  • Available in the weekend and in the evening

It is not possible to declare your treatments to the health insurance company. In our sports massage practice we treat and strive for the (sports) care you need. You have your care in your own hands because in our practice you have the possibility to choose your care together with RZ Vitaal. We therefore strive for client self-direction and do not adhere to a set amount of treatments per year. You are free to go wherever you want and can come to us at any time with an appropriate cost estimate.

What RZ Vitaal stands for

RZ Vitaal is established on a number of foundational principles that are strived for at all times.

Solve & guide

Commit to recovery and prevention in sports-related complaints.


Encourage individuals to engage in healthy exercise behaviors.

Goal-oriented work

Targeted work with connection to your needs.

Free of complaints

Driven by passion for complaint-free exercise.

Sharing expertises

Sharing my knowledge as a physical therapist and top athlete.


Flexibility in availability so that each individual can be seen.

Topathlete in heart and soul

Worldrecord DFPFNL bench press uneq. (2019)

Worldrecord DFPFNL bench press uneq. (2020)

Two Dutch records DFPFNL deadlift (2019-2020)


Nederlandse records

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