Dry Needling

Targeted solution for trigger points
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About Dry Needling

Besides sports massage, RZ Vitaal also offers Dry Needling of the upper and lower extremities. By means of Dry Needling, pain can be reduced in an area specific to the muscle, because a trigger point in the muscle is stimulated. Dry needling of such a trigger point (a local contraction in the muscle, also popularly called ”stuck muscle”) ensures that the muscle relaxes in a fast way. This is called the release of the muscle and this phenomenon can have a long lasting effect.

An alternative to Dry Needling is, for example, applying friction to the trigger points. This means that a certain pressure is given specifically on the affected area, which is gradually increased until the same release occurs as with Dry Needling. This often takes longer and is experienced as more painful compared to a quick Dry Needling treatment that can achieve the same or even better results. Dry Needling is a client friendly, almost painless approach to tight muscles.